Scratch that Summer Canine Itch

Scratch that Summer Canine Itch

As summer kicks in, is your dog scratching more? You’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know to help alleviate the symptoms before they drive you both crazy.

The first line of defence

For dogs, a healthy skin and coat isn’t just cosmetic, it’s a vital protection against injury and infection. In fact, the skin has a big job to do. It helps regulate body temperature, insulates from changes in temperature and acts as a reservoir for important nutrients. If your dog’s skin is dry and unhealthy, then, chances are, the skin isn’t working at its optimal level either. Plus – who enjoys feeling itchy all the time?

Getting hot under the collar

The warmer months are when skin sensitivities tend to flare. The culprits are the rise in temperature and humidity, which increase the allergens in the environment.

If your dog is sensitive to these allergens, you’ll notice that extra scratching, licking and red or flaky skin. But what seems like a minor problem can become bigger if all that scratching (and biting and licking) leads to infection.

What to Do:

Get some relief

The first thing to do if you suspect your dog is a sufferer is to confirm it with your vet. They’ll be able to advise you on your dog’s particular condition and the best treatment.

Dr Lisa says…

  • Healthy skin and coat are vital for warding off infection and injury
  • Temperature and humidity increases provide a perfect environment for allergens
  • Treatment is important as compulsive scratching and licking can lead to infections
  • Your dog will thank you for the relief!

Dr Jo says…

  • Keeping your dog busy and active may help distract him from scratching
Did you know?

Like humans, some dogs can experience food intolerances or allergies that lead to skin problems.


Is your dog getting all the nutrients he needs for a healthy skin and coat? Ask your vet about supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids if you’re concerned.

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