The cartoon variety might be cute, but in real life, fleas are unpleasant little parasites that can give your dog plenty of grief – and not just from the itching. Here’s how to beat back an incursion.

Know the enemy

Like mosquitoes, fleas are bloodsuckers that can carry a range of nasties, like tapeworms. If left untreated, they can make your dog pretty sick. If your dog is allergic to fleas, just one bite could lead to sores, hair loss and skin infections. In small dogs, severe infestations can even cause anaemia.  To get rid of the problem, you have to stage a two-pronged attack: killing the existing fleas and breaking the breeding cycle.

Stage 1: Full Body Combat

There are plenty of flea and worming products to choose from, including spot-on flea control, flea control shampoo, sprays and even chewable tablets.   A large range is available in the We are Pets Shop. You can subscribe to our easy auto-shipping option so you always have the products when you need it.

Stage 2: Ground Assault

Once you’ve eliminated the fleas from your dog, it’s time to launch an area offensive. 95 per cent of a flea infestation is actually eggs, larvae and pupae, all waiting their turn to join the feast. They live in the dirt, cracks and crevices of your house, in your pet’s bedding or in the carpet and furniture.

Vacuuming kills fleas at every stage of the life cycle, with 96 per cent in adult fleas and 100 per cent in younger fleas. So if you wield one on a regular basis, you’re halfway to victory.

Stage 3: Up the Ante

If it’s a bad infestation, you may want to consider things like flea bombs, which contain insect growth regulators to protect for up to 12 months. (Note: Remove ALL animals from the house if using a bomb and that these can be especially toxic to cats.) Or you might want to try yard sprays and rinses that can be used in specific areas inside and out, like the kennel. Always check the health and safety information to make sure it’s right for your family.


Dr Lisa says..

  • Fleas can infect dogs with nasties like tapeworms
  • Find a flea treatment that suits your dog and keep it current
  • Vacuums are one of the best weapons against fleas
  • If it’s a bad infestation, flea bombs or sprays can help protect your environment
Did you know?

The female flea sucks 15 times her own body weight in blood daily.

Getting Help

Don’t wait until the situation gets desperate.  Start regular treatments now.

Top tip:

Some flea treatments for dogs are poisonous for cats. Make sure you read the details on the pack first.


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