We want to help you serve your dog the most nutritious and tasty meals, that will make your dog healthy and happy. 

We are Pets founders are author, Lerida Grant, and brand ambassador Dr Lisa Chimes (Bondi Vet, Dr. Lisa to the Rescue), and we love pets!



I want my pet’s food to be healthy and nutritious, which is why I add fresh cooked pet food to their diet.” – Dr Lisa Chimes

Our products have been selected by our vet to provide complete and balanced meals for your dog.  All the products are reputable brands made in Australia. The recipes have been developed by veterinarian nutritional experts and they are all labelled in accordance with the PFIAA (Pet Food Industry Association of Australia) guidelines.

We are Pets proudly supports our charity partner, Pound Paws rescue pet online directory.  We donate $5.00 from every sale  of our best selling book  ‘Simple Dog Care – 7 steps to a healthy, happy dog’ from this website, to help get more rescue pets online for adoption.

To support Pound Paws, and find out more about how to care for your dog without the guesswork, click below to buy our book Simple Dog Care – 7 steps to a healthy, happy dog’  written by our founder, Lerida Grant with contributions by our ambassador Dr Lisa Chimes, and renowned animal behaviourist, Dr Joanne Righetti. 

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