Easter is such a special time for the whole family, but there are some hidden hazards that Easter can pose for our pets that can be avoided with some extra care.

1: Hide the chocolate

Chocolate is a poisonous no-no for your dog. Keep all chocolate whether wrapped or unwrapped away from your dog. It can cause severe issues.

Cats can also be affected by chocolate poisoning, although they tend not to gorge as much as dog do. The issue for cats is the risk of choking on the foil or cellophane wrapping.

2: Don’t share the Hot Cross bunsĀ 
Raisins and sultanas can cause kidney failure so keep hot cross buns to yourself.

3: Keep renovating projects contained.
Easter is a prime time to do many projects around the home but make sure your dog is safely away from ladders, paint tins and old nails.

4: Put away the cleaning products
If you are planning to do some major cleaning make sure you keep bleach and ammonia away from pet areas as the chemicals can burn their paw pads and tongues.

5: Pick up the floordrobe
Dirty washing is pretty tempting for many dogs as once ingested can cause serious issues and often emergency surgery

Most importantly have the number of your local 24 hour vet handy

Just a few major precautions can stop some very serious concerns so you can all enjoy your Easter holidays together

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