Q: Is We are Pets an Australian company?

A: Yes, its proudly Australian owned and operated.

Q: Where does your pet food come from?

A: All our pet food is from reputable brands and are made here in Australia.

Q: Is We are Pets a subscription service?

A: Yes, but you can cancel at any time.

We require 7 working days notice if you plan to change your next order. You can easily do this by going into 'Account' on the website. It is the person symbol on the top right hand corner of the home page.

The first screen will show your order history and in the top left hand corner there  are the words "Manage subscription". You can click on this to manage/ change all details of your account including your address, credit card details and your orders.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A:  We are currently delivering to Gold Coast postcodes  4205, 4207 - 4228.
Brisbane postcodes: 4000, 4004-4037, 4051-4078, 4101-4133, 4151-4179
Other areas both in QLD and other states are are coming soon so please register your interest here 

Q: When do you deliver?

A: Our delivery days are Wednesdays and Fridays - check out the table below for your delivery day.

You will also send you an email notice before your order is delivered.

Day order placed Delivery day
Monday Friday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Wednesday (next)
Thursday Wednesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Wednesday
Sunday Wednesday


Our chilled boxes are packed with insulating products that enable it to be left outside for up to 10 hours. If you have a special place you’d like the box left, you can give instructions to the delivery driver on the first page checkout section of the online store.

Q: How do I talk to someone about my delivery?

A: You are welcome to speak directly to our delivery company GNT.

Call Geraldine or Sargie on:

07 3387 0116 OR 0431 105 229

Q: How can I talk to someone to get more information on the pet food in the boxes?

A: We can refer you to one of our veterinary experts by calling our customer service line on 0467 205 600.  Hours are: 9 am – 5 pm EDST (Sydney time, +1 hour on QLD time)

Q: Is it possible to change my order once I’ve placed it?

A: Yes. Go to ‘My Account (the person icon in the top right hand corner of the home page) and you can change your order up to 7 days before delivery is due. After this time, please call 0467 205 600.

Q: What does 'natural' mean?

A: The term natural  refers to the ingredients before any vitamins or minerals may have been added.

Q: What is the difference between the Classic and Gourmet boxes?

A:  The Classic box offers healthy, natural, main meals and toppers (chilled & wet) and treats. 
The main (dry) has a lower protein content than the main in the Gourmet box, but still well over the minimum level. 
The Gourmet box offers a premium offering of varieties and textures. The Ivory Coat main is high in protein and is grain free. The Gourmet box also features exclusive varieties only available to We are Pets. For full lists of products contained in each box, go to the products page and select your box type, then size.

Both boxes contain the same dental treats.

A:  Each box has enough food for your pets ideal weight. As a general guide you can give your pet:

Breakfast - dry main with wet topper.

Dinner - dry main with chilled topper.

Snacks/Treats – remember treats are treats, and you need to allow for them when you are thinking about your pets daily food intake.

Dental treats - these can be given daily. Post meal is best.

If you have a fussy eater in your midst, you are best to mix the main and topper together so your pet doesn’t just eat the topper and miss out on all the nutrition.

The base of each meal is the dry food or ‘main’. There are instructions on the pack to advise the quantity for your pet’s weight. You should feed your dog according to their ideal weight, not their current weight. If you think your pet needs to be on a weight reduction program you are best to consult your vet.

You will need to reduce the quantity of dry to allow for the topper that’s going to be eaten that meal. Use the pack information to give you a guide of how to do this.

The best bit for your pet is the ‘topper’ – this is where all the taste, texture and variety happen for your pet. Its great for you to be involved in mealtime so you can share the enjoyment.

Don’t forget to give your pet their dental treats to keep their teeth strong.

Q: How do I transition my pet onto a new brand of food?

A: There will be instructions on the pack, however, the general rule of thumb is to allow a week to transition from one brand to another. Start with 3/4 old and 1/4 new for a few days and keep adding another 1/4 every few days until you are at the full serve.

If your pet is unused to wet or chilled pet food you may need to introduce these items in small stages as well. 

If at anytime your pet experiences vomiting or extremely loose stools, you should stop the transition and go back to the previously tolerated quantity. We can refer you to our vet nurses by calling our help line on 
0467 205 600 for advice, but if extreme reaction has occurred  please visit your vet.
Q: How do I store the pet food?

A: Any pet food that comes in the chiller pack needs to go directly into your refrigerator. Follow the guidelines on the pack in regards to how long it can be kept before and after opening.

The wet products will also have to be stored in the refrigerator once opened. Use the pack guidelines for information on how long they can be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

Q: How do I handle the pet food?

A: When handling all types of pet food the usual care of thorough hand washing before and after handling is recommended.

All implements used (chopping, board, knife, measuring cup) should also be washed thoroughly after use as you would human food.

Q: What do I do with the packaging?

A: The brown carton box that your pet food comes in can go in the recycle bin.

You are welcome to keep the gel packs and chiller pack as they can be reused  - no need to return them.

Q: What is meant by 35% off or 20% off ?

A: The manufacturer of the pet food have a recommended retail price (RRP) that they provide their retailers to guide them on pricing. Our prices are at least 20% off these prices, and sometimes promotional prices are offered at 35% off for the first box only.

This is not to say that other retailers may choose to also discount the products from time to time, so the 35% or 20% off claim will not be valid against discounted products by other retailers.

Q: What is the Trial Box promotion Money Back Guarantee ? 

Our Money Back Guarantee for the We are Pets Trial Box, means that if you or your dog, for whatever reason, are not  completely satisfied with your Trial Box, we will organise either a:

  1. A replacement box
  2. A full refund of your purchase amount 

To ensure a refund or replacement you will need to call us on 0467 205 600 within 14 days of receipt of your box. We will then organise with you how to return, but the following needs to be adhered to:

A. Return the unused portion of all foods, a minimum of 50% is required
B. Return all food in its original packaging.