So you’ve decided your dog would probably enjoy a lot more variety of taste and texture in his diet – lucky dog !

You’ve done your research and about to start your dog on new food – good job 🙂

What else do you need to do?…

Whether you’re changing varieties, brands or forms, its wise to transition your dog slowly to minimise any adverse reactions your dog may have.

Slowly transitioning your dog over the period of at least a week will help your dog’s digestion get used to the new food.

Tip #1 is to save a good amount of the existing food.

How to transition your dog onto new food.

  • Days 1-3: mix ¼ the new food, and ¾ the old food
  • Days 4-6: go to ½ and ½
  • Day 7: 100% new food

Please also be aware that if at any time your dog experiences very loose stools or vomiting you should go back to the old regime, and if symptoms persist or are extreme, go to the vet.


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  1. Christie

    Thanks for the advice, was wondering what to do with the old food, and if I should just go straight across


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