5 Tips on to keep your pet safe this Halloween




Here's a few tips on how to make sure all the excitement doesn't harm your pets

1: Its a big NO to chocolates or lollies for your pets - make sure you keep the treat bowl away from your pets as they can be really harmful for your pets.

2: Keep your pets away from front door or even better keep them in a room/backyard during trick or treating hours so they can't run away.

3: Think about your dogs personality before taking them with you and kids trick or treating - the mixture of excited kids and strange places can make some dogs very anxious.

4: if you plan to dress up your pets, make sure you double check the costume doesn't restrict breathing or movement, or stress them out - supervise them at all times and consider some dress rehearsals.

5: Keep pets away from any candles in Jack 'O Lanterns or other open flames

and if your dog (or you) have had enough of the doorbell ringing just put up a sign saying "no more lollies" to stop the visits - works a treat... see what we did there? 🎃🎃🎃

PHOTO CREDIT Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg